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Top islands in Croatia for a gulet charter

Croatia is one of the most visited summer destinations in Europe. The beautiful Adriatic Coast and the majestic Croatian islands are the favorite summer destination of many in search of a nice getaway.

Croatia has more than a thousand islands, so how to choose the best island and discover the most beautiful places to visit for your family vacation this summer?

We have the perfect Croatian travel guide for you! Here are the Top islands you should visit during your gulet charter in Croatia, and some of our local tips!

#1 island of Hvar

Hvar is the sunniest island in Croatia and is known for being one of the most popular islands and destinations in Europe. Hvar's rich history and tradition combined with the cosmopolitan lifestyle makes it easily one of the tourist's favorite destinations.

The most popular places on the island of Hvar to visit during your gulet charter are:

  • Hvar Town – the most visited town on the island. Here, you can find a variety of popular bars, restaurants, galleries, and shops. Hvar is known for its active nightlife but also historical buildings and cultural monuments.

  • Take a stroll around the city of Stari Grad – one of the oldest cities in Croatia. Here you can get a taste of a more traditional Croatia: little colorful houses and the greenest nature.

  • Not to forget the small harbor town of Jelsa. If you're in search of an untouched paradise during your gulet charter in Croatia, this is the right place for you.

#2 island of Korčula

A destination you won't wanna miss during your family vacation in Croatia is the island of Korčula. Korčula claims to be the birthplace of the famous explorer Marco Polo.

The traditional town of Korčula will amaze you with its captivating vibe and charming look!

The island is also famous for its wine production. Korčula is one of the best choices if you want to experience the local traditions in Croatia: vineyards, olive groves, and small villages.

#3 island of Rab

Rab or The Happy Island is one of the most loved summer destinations in Croatia.

The island of Rab is known for its beautiful nature, unique monuments, and historical streets.

Numerous travelers are attracted by the unique island vibe of this magical place. Rab is perfect for a family vacation, as it has many beaches and places suitable for kids.

While on Rab, we recommend a stroll around the beautiful Old Town. Discover the traditional streets and little townhouses. The four bell towers are the most popular tourist attractions. Located in the Rab Old Town, the bell towers are definitely worth a visit!

You can climb the stairs and enjoy the view of the whole Rab Old won't from the top. An unforgettable experience!

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