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Secret Croatia: Discover the Hidden Gems of the Dalmatian Coast

A gulet cruise is the perfect choice for those wanting to experience the best of the Dalmatian Coast. The most magical destinations are to be discovered by sea during a gulet charter in the Adriatic Sea.

Much is known about the bigger cities of Split, Dubrovnik and famous summer destinations such as the island of Hvar and Mljet, but what about other highlights and attractions?

Discover the most authentic and local cities of the Dalmatian Coast. We’ll cover magical coastal towns and hidden gems not to be missed during a holiday in Croatia.


Easily one of the most underrated cities on the Dalmatian Coast is the coastal city of Primošten. Primošten has preserved the atmosphere and wonderful architectural features of a typical Croatian fishing village.

Primošten, Croatia
Primošten, Croatia

It is interesting to know that this little town was once an island, and linked to the mainland in the 16th century. Nowadays, the little town is strategically located between the cities of Šibenik and Split, and attracts many tourists with its interesting architecture and beautiful beaches.

Primošten is the perfect destination for a relaxing day; offering a chance to experience a truly authentic Croatian vibe. In the past, the locals were oriented on production of grapevines, olives, and fishing, while today they focus mostly on tourism.


The fortified town of Šibenik is a must-see destination during a gulet cruise in Dalmatia. A beautiful coastal city is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site - the very well preserved cathedral of St. James.

The little town of Šibenik is known for its beautiful Old Town and the famous four fortresses of the Venetian defense system back in the days. A walk through the little streets in the Old Town might be one the best ways to explore the most wonderful places in the city.

Šibenik, Croatia
Šibenik, Croatia

Not to miss while in Šibenik is the view from the top St. Michael Fortress. The St. Michael Fortress in Šibenik is one of the top tourist attractions, where you can enjoy the most beautiful view of the entire city and bay.


Another hidden gem in Croatia, the little town of Trogir, located just an hour drive by car from the largest city in the Dalmatian region, Split.

Trogir is a preserved historic town, and harbour on the Adriatic Coast. Located between two other popular summer destinations in Croatia, Zadar and Split, Trogir is the perfect place for a nice daily getaway during the cruise. In Trogir you will enjoy a more local and less busy atmosphere than in the bigger neighbouring cities.

Trogir, Croatia
Trogir, Croatia

This stunning little coastal town offers beautiful architecture, stunning views from the top, and nice restaurant places. Trogir was awarded as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997; presenting glorious monuments such as the Cathedral of St. Lawrence and the Kamerlango Castle.

These hidden gems are best reachable by sea, when coming you can enjoy a wonderful view of the entire city. To find the best option for a gulet charter follow this link.