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Korčula Travel Guide - Discover Croatia with CroGulets

The Island of Korčula

The stunning island of Korčula is one of the dreamy destinations during your gulet charter in Croatia. Korčula is one of the largest islands in Croatia, famous for wine and olive oil production, and also for being the birthplace of the famous explorer Marco Polo.

Korčula Town

The picturesque Korčula Town is the main city of the island. Rich in history, culture, and tradition, the walls of Korčula reveal an ancient story. The medieval city was under Venetian control for years, and that influenced the architecture of the city, and for having a similar appearance, many are referring to Korčula as „little Dubrovnik“.

During your gulet charter you’ll have time to explore the best beaches, and swimming spots, visit the city, and enjoy learning the history behind the walls of this beautiful island.

Places to see while on Korčula Island

The delightful island of Korčula is covered in dense woods. The incredible nature, majestic vineyards, and peaceful villages are perfect for a nice and relaxing vacation.


Lumbarda is a little town, just outside the Korčula Town, known for incredibly clear sea and incredible sandy beaches.


Račišče, a peaceful village facing the marvelous Pelješac Peninsula. Račišče is known for its stunning nature and clear sea. Račišče is home to Korčula's most stunning beaches, Samograd and Vaja.


The oldest settlement on the island. Pupnat is a little village, about ten kilometers outside Korčula Town. This part of the island offers many options for hiking, cycling, and walking in the greens. Pupnat is the perfect place for those who want to escape the busy city life.

Pupnatska luka

Monuments and tourist attractions in Korčula

Korčula Old Town

The walled medieval town is a must-see during your visit to the island of Korčula. The town is surrounded by walls built in the 14th century during the Venetian empire.

St. Mark's Cathedral

One of the most famous monuments on the island is the beautiful St. Mark's Cathedral from the 15th century. Built by the local master in Gothic-Renaissance style.

Korčula Town Museum

Located on St. Mark's Square, the Korčula Town Museum is home to Korčula's oldest history and tradition collection.

Marco Polo's House in Korčula

Korčula claimed to be the birthplace of the worldwide known explorer Marco Polo.

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