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Fun Activities During your Gulet Charter in Croatia

A gulet cruise is a great way to explore the best Croatian islands during summer. This type of unique holiday is the ideal choice for families and groups of friends that are looking for a fun adventure in Croatia. During a gulet charter, there are many different activities to try.

Pelješac Peninsula, Croatia


Croatia is known for its production of wines, especially in the Dalmatian region. Pelješac and Korčula Island are the main destinations for an unforgettable wine tasting experience. Red, or white, there are plenty of choices for everyone's tastes.

The Mediterranean climate is well suited for wine production, and in Croatia, you can find some of the best wineries and oldest vineyards.

Wine Tasting in Croatia
Beautiful Landscape During Wine Tours in Croatia


Learn how to prepare delicious Croatian meals, and take a little part of the Croatian culture back with you. During the authentic Croatian cooking classes, you will learn to cook some of the traditional meals of Croatian cuisine.

The Dalmatian region is known for the incredibly tasty food: pasta with lobster, risotto with scampi, or tender lamb with potatoes... The first of the cooking classes in the local market, where you'll get fresh and organic ingredients for your delicious Croatian meals!

Local Market Food on the Island of Brač

Buzara, Delicious Croatian Meal


For the most adventurous, one of the most popular activities is the Big Game Fishing. During this fun and a unique activity, you'll try to catch one of the biggest fish in the Adriatic, the mythic Big Tuna. The size of the Tuna varies from 40 kg to 300g! This is a fun activity for your family or friends, in search of a little adrenaline.

Big Game Fishing in Croatia


Croatia is known for its incredible nature and the most beautiful views for bungee jumping. The best places for this activity are the Maslenica Most and Šibenski Most, all located in the Dalmatian region, and easily reachable during a gulet cruise. The Maslenica bridge is 56 meters high, while the Šibenski Most 40, offering an amazing view!

Maslenica Brigde for Bungee Jumping in Croatia

Bungee Jumping in Croatia

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