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Food during your gulet charter – what to expect?

Half board or full board?

During your gulet charter in Croatia, you can choose between the best meal package based on your preferences: half board or full board.

Choosing half board, you'll be served delicious breakfast and lunch every day during the cruise. Instead, by selecting the full board options, you will be served an additional meal, a dinner. On top of that, you'll choose between drinks packages: all-inclusive packages with analcoholic, alcoholic, domestic or imported drink options.

Food and specialties in Dalmatia

Dalmatian cuisine is considered one of the best in Croatia. The characteristics are the fresh ingredients, simple preparation, and fresh herbs. This area is also known for its olive oil production. Common appetizers in Dalmatia are tasty cheese, organic olive oil, and home-made bread.


The morning during a gulet charter starts with coffee, tea, and a delicious breakfast prepared by the chef on board. Fresh local fruits, jam, croissant, and cereals, this is where you'll get the energy for the adventurous day.


Lunch on a gulet is a unique experience: having a meal with an amazing view every day during your charter. Based on your preferences, you'll be served amazing meat or fish dishes, with many sides and vegetables.

The Dalmatian region is known for the high quality of fish. One of the most popular Dalmatian seafood dishes are „Dagnje“, or fresh mussels, salted sardines, and the famous Octopus salad. In Dalmatia, you can also find the tenderest lamb meat.


Dinner is perfect for a lighter meal, a tasty risotto or pasta with fresh shrimps. This is the relaxing part of the day perfect for gathering and shared time with family and friends. During dinner time you can enjoy beautiful sunsets, excellent meals and service on the gulet.