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The island of Brač is one of the largest and longest islands in Croatia. Situated just across the city of Split, Brač soon became one of the favorite destinations of many.

Beautiful beaches on Brač

Brač is less touristy than the island of Hvar, and it is the perfect destination for a nice relaxing day during your gulet cruise. Immerse yourself in the island life and live a truly authentic Croatian experience.

This beautiful island is covered in forest of cypress three, making it a must-visit for all nature lovers. Brač is also famous for agricultural and local products such as olive oil, wine, and nectarines, a must try!

Things and places to see while on Brač

Brač is surely one of the most visited Croatian islands during the summer season. The most visited and tourist places on the island are Supetar, Sutivan, and Milna, all different, and have something unique to offer.


Supetar is the capital and main town on the island of Brač. This is the biggest settlement on the island, counting no more than 3.500 inhabitants. Supetar is known for magnificent beaches, popular bars, and diverse restaurants. Supetar has a rich cultural and historical background and the beautiful monuments will take you back in past, during Roman times. When in Supetar, to stroll around the Old Town and visit is the Church of St. Mary of the Annunciation, the beautiful bell tower and museum.

Supetar's Old Town


Bol is a small village, worldwide known for its beautiful sandy beach. Zlatni Rat or Golden beach is one of Croatia's most famous and visited beaches. It is interesting to know that Zlatni Rat changes shape depending on the wind.

The little village of Bol has a lot to offer, from fun activities such as hiking, scuba diving, windsurfing or just relaxing on the beach and exploring the wonderful hidden bays.

The famous Zlatni Rat, Bol


One of the most stunning little harbors. The little town of Milna is located on the western part of the island of Brač. This magnificent bay is famous for being the secure harbor for the emperor Diocletian during his time in Split. Today, Milna is one of the most visited marinas during a cruise offering a secured stay during a gulet and yacht charter.

The little town of Milna

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