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A Family Guide To Croatia

Planning a family vacation abroad? Croatia can be a great place for your family holidays this summer. Sharing the experience with your loved ones, and visiting great places together can be a wonderful adventure.

Croatia is indeed a kids-friendly country with many places and activities for the whole family. Experiences are better when shared, and Croatia might be the perfect destination for a nice getaway.

Places to visit while in Croatia

Croatia offers many wonderful places accessible only by sea. Many hidden bays and caves are not possible to visit when coming by car or foot. Renting a boat could be the best option to visit the most wonderful places, beaches, and bays on the Dalmatian Coast.

Best kids-friendly beaches to visit while in Croatia

  • Vela Przina Beach on Korčula island

One of the best beaches to visit while on a charter with your family in Croatia. This beautiful beach is very well suited for kids and extremely safe so you don’t have to worry while spending a relaxing day.

Vela Przina Beach is one of the most known beaches in the little village of Lumbarda. This sandy beach is one of the sunniest on the island of Korčula too.

Vela Przina Beach, Lumbarda Croatia
Vela Przina Beach, Lumbarda Croatia

  • Saharun Beach on Dugi Otok

Another beautiful beach in Croatia is Saharun Beach on Dugi Otok, known for the bluest crystal clear water. This beach is extremely popular for a family vacation where you can enjoy the most beautiful turquoise color of the water and calm waters.

Saharun Beach, Dugi Otok
Saharun Beach, Dugi Otok

  • Bačvice Beach in Split

Bačvice Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Split, as well in the whole Dalmatian Region. This beach is offering great swimming conditions and has plenty of water sports that will keep your family entertained during the day. Bačvice Beach is famous for the local sport “picigin” played in the water. “Picing” is a fun game where a group of people or even a couple of people will throw a small ball trying to keep it from falling in the water.

Bacvice Beach, Split Croatia
Bacvice Beach, Split Croatia

Why is a gulet charter perfect for a family vacation in Croatia?

There are many places and types of accommodation to rent and select for a family holiday in Croatia; from apartments, hotels, boats.

A private gulet cruise might be the perfect choice for a family vacation in Croatia. During a gulet charter, you can see the best of the Croatian islands in full comfort and privacy with your family.

These types of boats are equipped and sailed by a team of professionals who are always there for you. Crews consist of a captain, chef, sailors, and hostesses. While chartering a boat for a family vacation, you don’t need to worry about a thing, they got you covered.

  • The captain will be directing the boat based on your travel preferences and the destination you and your family would like to see and experience.

  • The chef will amaze you with delicious Croatian dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dishes can be custom made and based on preferences, also adjusted for kids!

  • The whole team is there to make your gulet cruise simply wonderful! You’ll have all the time to connect with your family and to truly experience the wonders of Croatia.

Activities to try with your kids while in Croatia on holiday

During a private gulet cruise, there are many aquatic toys included during the charter you can try and enjoy. All of these aquatic toys are coming on board with you!

Fun water activities on charter with gulet Vito
Fun water activities on charter with gulet Vito

A variety of fun aquatic toys are available during the gulet charter: jet ski, water ski, donut, banana, SUP boards, fishing, and snorkeling equipment. Water activities are a great way to enjoy and relax, spending a fun afternoon with the whole family.

Find the best options for a family cruise in Croatia: gulets for a family charter.

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